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Mission Statement

The Desert View Christian School assists students in the process of maturing spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.





Desert View Christian School (DVCS) is a grade 1-8 accredited school (MSACSC/ESS) located in Mountain Home, Idaho. The school is part of the largest and oldest world-wide Protestant school system.  The school’s educational program strives to instill a lifelong foundation of values and integrity.  The curriculum is designed so that students have opportunities for community service, leading to an appreciation of cultural differences and development of positive attitudes toward all people.


Knowledge of God, His plan for our redemption, and the kind of persons’ students may become as they are restored to His likeness, are of primary importance throughout the total school experience. Students are given opportunities to accept Jesus as their personal Savior. Each student is challenged to develop a personal sense of mission for giving the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world in preparation for His soon return. A Seventh-day Adventist education places a high value on the worth of every individual and seeks to provide an environment in which a positive self-image can be developed. Academic excellence is promoted by challenging students to fully develop their intellectual capacities.


To find out more about the Adventist Curriculum please click here.

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