Access to Student Data

On this page, I will be adding links to pages and sites where you can access current data on your individual student.  This will include a link to your student's information on Jupiter, and a private (hopefully) link to only your student's 'dashboard' here on our site.  The vision is, that on their dashboard will be things like their spelling and vocabulary word lists for the week, a snapshot of the tradebook they are working in for language arts, and a short synopsis of what it is about.  Also provided will be a quick run-down of what we are doing in other subjects such as Bible, Math, Science, Music, and even PE.   I'm also hoping to be able to link in items your student has created at school, such as reports and powerpoints that they create, in a scrapbook! And I'm hoping to be able to (with your permission) make the scrapbook items available to visitors to the website.  It is definitely a work in progress, and I am learning as I go.  I think it's very important for teachers to be in the role of a learner on a regular basis, and that is what this has provided me with, this summer (along with the three college classes I'm taking, and I'm learning to knit!!) I'm hoping to have this aspect of the website up by late August. (I have to create the content for it first!!)

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