Art was always my favorite subject in school, and I believe that fostering creativity in students helps them to be more like their Heavenly Father, as He is obviously the first and best example of creativity!  


To this end, I enjoy helping the students be creative with craft projects and also with organized art lessons.  The lessons are important, I believe, because some times students, even at a young age, believe that they are not 'skilled' at art.  It's important for them to realize that many artistic skills are learned!!  For the lesson part of our art curriculum, I use the See The Light DVD's (linked below).  These lessons break the skills down so that the students can feel successful at what they do.  There is also an aspect of this curriculum where we will study a masterpiece, and learn about the artist, and then create our own artwork in the manner of the artist. 


We try to do art at least twice a month, every week would be even better, but it is admittedly hard to squeeze it in!!

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