The Christmas Party is in planning stages

The last day of school, next Wednesday, Dec. 19, will be our Christmas party.

We have talked about what we want to do - and here is the basic outline of the day that we came up with:

                             8:30 breakfast (I am going to make pancakes for the kids for        

                                 breakfast - so they can come to school hungry)

                             9:15ish - play out side

                             10:00 - games

                             11:00 - decorate cookies

                             11:30 - Lunch (provided by all of us helping by bringing part of it)

                             12:00 - Open Presents!!

                             12:30 - recess

                               1:00 - Movie (The Toy that Saved Christmas)

                               2:30 - clean up/ get ready to go home

                                  ?? - More recess till parents come pick them up

Here are the things that your kid have volunteered you to provide.

(please let me know if it does not work for you!)

Amara - sugar cookies (24-36, undecorated - we will decorate!)

Layla/EzMae - Drinks /Ice Cream (not necessarily enough Ice Cream for everyone - text/call me, and I'll explain)

Izzy - Chips

Allie - Cup Cakes

Jacob - (can you help with sandwiches? I was going to do them all, but if we could split it that would be nice!)

Alex - Veggie Tray

Elizabeth - Frosting (tubes?)/sprinkles

Daniel - Frosting (tubes?)/sprinkles

Lukas - Frosting (tubes?)/sprinkles

Also, the kids drew names, and they should know the name of the child they drew -

Please help them purchase a small gift in the $5-7 range, NO MORE THAN $10!

Below are ideas of what the children might like (those that are missing will be filled in asap, so check back tomorrow.)

Alex  - 3DS virtual console: Super Mario Land

          3DS virtual console: Super Mario Land 6 golden coins

Allie - Shlike dog

Amara  - candy (not chocolate)

Daniel  - Candy, a ball

ElizabethAnne  -  Slime, Checkerboard, erasers

EzMae  - Candy, Schleich, Slime

Izzy  - Crow Crown game, chocolate coins, stuffed animals

Jacob  - Sprite, candy (KitKat, M&M – no caramel), Martinelli's, Lego

Layla  - Shlike, stuffed animal, candy (Hershey's) Art stuff, pencils, comic books

Lukas  - Robucks, Lego

Rylie  - Chocolate

Any parents (or school board members) that are free that can come be a part of our fun are welcome! 

Call Us: 208-580-0512   /   /  2425 American Legion Blvd  Mountain Home, ID   83647