I promised I would put info here, for you to use, regarding getting in touch with me, and with Jon Sowers, and Pastor Thom. 


**NOTE** - I would also very much appreciate it, if each of you could send me a quick text, from the phone (or phones) which you want me to text you on, when I post things, here.  I'll create a 'group' that I can send alerts to, when I post something that I feel you might want to, or should see.  In the text that you send me, include your student's name, your name, and if there are any times of day that you would rather not receive texts.  Thank you so much!  We seem to be off to a great start this year.  I am really enjoying your kids!! 

Ms. Sharon

text or call - 256-684-7013  - I prefer mostly texts to this number, but if something urgent comes up, feel free to call.  (if it's during school hours, and it's an emergency, this is the best way to reach me, as I tend to let the school phone go to voicemail during the school day - but on my cell phone, your name will show up, and I'll know you need to talk to me - please save this for issues that can not wait to be discussed at the end of the school day, either in person when you pick up, or via some other form of communication, after school hours - I really need to keep my focus on the students in class, during  school hours, as much as possible.)

e-mail -  -  this is my 'school e-mail' It is new, so it may take me a bit to get in the habit of checking it every day.  But I promise I'll work on it.  :)  this is really a pretty good way to get in touch with me, when it's not before or after school.

Face-to-face is always available, before and after school. I am usually at the school by 7:30, though students are not typically supposed to be there before 8:00.  After school, except on Tuesday, I am typically there till close to 5:00. 

Jon Sowers (board chairman) -

text or call - (208) 599-4745

e-mail -

"Pastor Thom" (Lemon)

text or call - (208) 550-2257

Call Us: 208-580-0512   /   /  2425 American Legion Blvd  Mountain Home, ID   83647