Computer Safety Meeting
If at all possible please clear your schedule so that you can be at the school from 10-11 on both of the next two Fridays.  If you can only do one, please at least plan to be there next Friday (the 13th)
On the 13th we will be having a guest speaker, from the Country Sheriff Department, to talk to us about internet safety.  The talk will be geared for both students and parents. This is very important information, that you will want to hear, and there will be time at the end, for you as parents, to ask questions, too.  Please plan to be there if at all possible.  The talk will start at 10:00 am.
On the 20th, we will be presenting our president reports and would love to have an audience for that event, too if at all possible. I would have loved to have combined these two events, but that was not possible. If you can only come to one, please opt for the Sherrif visit, over this, but we would love to have you there for both!  This will also begin at 10:00 am. We *may* also be able to move this one to the evening of Thursday the 19th, if there is enough interest in that, please let me know.

Call Us: 208-580-0512   /   /  2425 American Legion Blvd  Mountain Home, ID   83647