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3rd grade: We are finishing up a unit on Division - currently using the concept of arrays and making groups to divide two-digit numbers.

5th grade: We are working on division of numbers that contain decimals.  And reviewing our long division skills.

7th grade! (so excited to be moving this group up from 6th, to 7th!!) - We will be starting our work in the Big Ideas curriculum with some review (as most curriculums do) specifically of Integers (absolute value, all of the operations in relation to Integers and the coordinate plane.) I'm hoping to move through the first few (review) chapters pretty quickly, so we can get closer to getting them caught up with where they should be!  They are working so HARD, and I'm so PROUD of them!!


Theme: Jesus, Friend of the Friendless

Big Idea: This is the second unit in a series of three that explores Jesus’ friendship with others. In this unit, we look at how Jesus interacted with lonely, excluded sinners; the sick; and the outcast. This unit highlights the inclusive love that Jesus showed to those who were hurting and how they became His friends. He stopped and noticed others, had compassion on them, and helped them to grow and change. We’ll discover that Jesus does the same for us today. 

English Language Arts (ELA)

Unit 3 Week 4

Theme: Walking with God

Big Idea: God's love for us is revealed in his presence throughout our Christian Journey

All three groups are reading books that tell stories of characters who experienced God's power in their lives, and how it changed them as they grew in their knowledge of God's love!

Memory verses are introduced on Monday and should be memorized by Friday


(both Science and Social Studies this time)

We are taking a short break from 'projects' and focusing on learning the specific details of the research process, (how to do a google search, how to find reliable sources, how to organize your information, etc) and what exactly is expected from students as they research.  We will spend approximately two weeks on this process, and then likely launch a science-related PBL project next.