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Hot Lunch is Hot Dogs this week, with chips, mandarin oranges, and rice crispy treats

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This memory verse will stretch over two weeks, and will not be mastered until the end of next week

English Language Arts (ELA)

Unit 6 Week 1

Theme: Environment

Big Idea: God has given us the responsibility of caring for His creation.

Books: 3/4: Come Back Salmon

           5/6: Dinosaurs

           7/8: Under the Ice

Essential Question: What role do we play in preserving God's creation?



We will be taking a break from our bible unit during our week of prayer this week, and will pick back up with the story of Jesus's special friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus, next week.


We will be launching into our unit on Presidents this week.  Each student will study one or two presidents and delve deep into understanding the events that took place during their presidency and how they impacted the history of our country, along with the typical personal data that students tend to 'go after' in situations like this.


3rd grade:  We have begun a chapter on fractions.


5th grade: Continuing work on fractions with multiplication and division of fractions.


7th grade: We have begun a unit on Proportions and Variation, looking at things like slope, and converting measures between systems.