Christmas Party Plans                                 Dec 11, 2019

So, while we have not decorated yet, or made our parent gifts (that will happen next week) We did start today, planning for our Christmas party which will take place late next week (Probably Friday - see note below). 

The students have been studying other cultures, and how they celebrate the holidays.  Their reports will be part of our celebration, and we encourage them to bring a sample of some food item that is a part of the Christmas celebration in the country they are studying.  That will be our 'treats' for the party.  (plus some others that I will bring/provide)

The students drew names today.  I will text you the name of the student that your child drew.  Please help your child pick out something in the $5 range for that child to open, at the party.  Try not to go over, so that the gifts are all comparable.

Note that currently the weather forecast that I watch is predicting a fairly substantial snow for next Friday.  We will keep an eye on this as we get closer, and MAY move the party to Thursday, just in case, if it looks like that is actually going to happen.  Stay tuned.

Thursday of next week will be a PJ day, no matter which day that the party falls on.  We will also have show-and-tell that day. (for everyone)

Remember that I am out tomorrow and Friday for medical reasons and Ms. Wendy will sub again.  The skating field trip is still planned for Monday, Pastor Tomm, Ms. Wendy, and several parents will be taking the students on that trip, as I will be out of town, that day. 

Details that you need to know regarding the field trip are this:  Students will not leave until approximately 10:00, and will return in time for the usual 3:30 dismissal.  They need to bring a lunch, and they need to be prepared for the 'cool environment' of the skate pavilion.  Here is what the Ice World website suggests, as far as attire goes:

Skating Attire

  • Helmets are optional but strongly recommended. Helmet with the cage is the best option for beginners.

  • Jackets should allow for easy mobility. Layering is the best option (undershirt, long sleeve shirt, jacket).

  • Make sure gloves or mittens fit properly and are waterproof.

  • Pants need to allow free movement and in the beginning levels offer some padding. Snow pants are a good option for starters.

  • Tall socks to protect from skate boot rubbing on bare skin.

  • Make sure skates are tied securely and snug at the ankle.

Feel free to contact me with any questions this evening, or tomorrow morning (Thursday).  In the afternoon/evening tomorrow I will not be able to take any calls or texts.  If you need to reach someone at the school you will need to use the school's land-line number (208) 580-0512.  Wait through the message and begin 'recording' a voicemail, and if Wendy hears that it is a parent, she will pick up.

Call Us: 208-580-0512   /   /  2425 American Legion Blvd  Mountain Home, ID   83647