Sunday, December 8


First the 'important details' then the 'other news'...

-There will be no performance for church this year, for Christmas.  So if you had that on your calendar, you can take it off.  Reason being that I have been sick, and will not be able to co-ordinate that. (details below) 

-Oranges should be arriving this week some time, watch for a Remind notification of their actual arrival.

-A field trip to go Ice Skating will take place Monday, Dec. 16.  We are still looking for parents to help transport students. 

-Friday Pizza is becoming a thing. (We have done it two weeks in a row now!) I offered it to the kids two weeks ago, as a motivation for all of them getting completely caught up, and paid for it myself.  It worked wonders!  The second week there was a 50% off deal, which helped a great deal. I am going to ask Dominoes for a standing discount, and ask Home and School to pitch in, too, but I wouldn't mind parents pitching in to the 'Pizza fund' if possible, now and then, too.  The kids seem to really be motivated by it.  Also, we do need to discuss what the consensus is on how to handle a situation where one student is the only reason we don't earn it - I don't want one child singled out.  I suppose we could make it something where those who are caught up get it...  but I also really like the 'group work' that has happened as a result of this - with the entire class encouraging and helping those who are behind, if by no other means than by keeping the classroom quiet so that he/she can focus.  Please let me know what you think is the best way to handle this. 

So, as I'm sure you have heard, I'm out of commission for a bit.  I went to the ER last Saturday evening, as I had spiked a fever and my doctor was concerned it might be 'complications' from a routine procedure that I had done earlier in the week. (otherwise I would have just gone to bed, thinking I just had the flu - several people have told me that that could have ended rather badly!) There were no issues related to the procedure (thankfully) but what we did find out is that I had a kidney infection with two 'rather large' stones completely blocking my right duct.  So, I was actually transported to the Meridian Hospital for a procedure which took place on Sunday (putting in a stent, so the kidneys can drain and heal), and I was released by mid afternoon and home sleeping in my own bed Sunday night!  I taught on Monday, and didn't feel too bad. (Lon delayed his return to Phoenix, so that he could help me out, Monday and Tuesday, with recess, etc) On Tuesday I felt even better than on Monday, and I thought it was all good. But Wednesday me hit like a ton of bricks, and I found myself a sub for Thursday.  He was only available that one day, so I figured if I rested, I would be able to make it through Friday.  But as soon as I got home to bed after opening up the school for him on Thursday morning, my boss's secretary called, and they had found me a sub willing to sub 'all the way till Christmas break if need be.' 

I do not think I will need it that long.  I am hoping that they will do the second procedure later this week (taking the stent back out, and breaking up and/or removing the stones), and I will be back on my feet at that point or very soon there-after.  The doctor cleared me to still fly to Phoenix this weekend, as I had already planned to do, for an award banquet at my husband's work.  He said there was no medical reason not to fly, even with the stent in.  But unless the stent is out, I don't think I will go, it is rather uncomfortable.  However, if they do take it out before Friday, I will likely still go on that trip.  I am really not as sick as all of this sounds.  As long as I stay horizontal most of the time, I'm able to get up and do things now and then, such as running to Walmart for a few groceries.  I even attended the potluck, after church yesterday, (so that I wouldn't have to cook lunch)!  

So, right now the plan is that Ms. Wendy will be with the kids at least this Monday, and next Monday (for the field trip) and we will know more about how many other days she will be there, after I see my doctor tomorrow afternoon.  My guess, as this point, is that she will be in all week, this week, and Monday of next week.  Then I will finish out the last four days before break.  But I will keep you all in the loop as I get more details from my doctor tomorrow.

Wendy seems to be a pretty excellent sub.  She is not a certified teacher, but has taught contract-type situations, and her mother is a teacher, so she grew up with a keen understanding of what is involved.  She is not one to 'just babysit, or put in a movie' - she actually teaches.  And she seems to have a pretty good handle on my 'somewhat challenging group of kiddos' (other subs have certainly struggled with them!).  She commented on what sweet kids they were, Friday after school, and agreed with me, that as long as they have firm boundaries enforced, they do pretty well.  I'm available to her, via text, if need be throughout the day and we will just make this work.  I'm very thankful for a quality sub who is available as needed for the remainder of my healing, and hope to rest well, and  put this behind me and be done with it ASAP.  My doctor also wants to get to the bottom of what is causing these stones and make it stop (had some 8 weeks ago, too, involving another Saturday evening ER visit, but didn't miss any school, that time). 

Now you know as much as I know.  Feel free to text if you have any questions, I'm not needing to sleep that much, just being laying down, in order to be more comfortable. So I'm able to respond to texts, no problem. 

Here's hoping your holidays are off to a less complicated start than mine!! 

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