COVID-19 response plan as of March 15, 6:30 pm

Due to the fact that we have been asked to follow the lead of our local public school, we have had to assess what that means in our unique situation, as a reflection of what they are doing.   Simply put, they are taking Monday to train their teachers, students will attend on Tuesday, to receive materials, chrome books, and instruction in e-platform use, and school will continue online beginning on Wednesday, March 18. They did not give a specific end date, only a tentative one.

Because our needs are slightly different, we are adapting their response to better fit our unique situation and have decided that we will be having school tomorrow, where the students will receive instructional materials, and help setting up and learning to use the e-platfroms (zoom, skype, and facetime).  And we will begin our e-days on Tuesday, March 17.


Mountain Home school district did not indicate what their end date would be for at-home learning.  There is the tentative thought that school would resume after the previously scheduled Spring Break, next week.  But the situation will need to be assessed on a day-to-day basis and plans adjusted accordingly. I am hoping to have materials pulled together to cover your student through April 3, in case it is needed.  I have this week prepped already, and simply need to re-organize it by student.  I will try very hard to have that second week (the one after Spring Break) prepped and ready to go home tomorrow too. 

I have not worked out the details as to how I will be collecting student work yet.  I need to speak with other teachers in similar situations to mine, and see what they are doing. It is quite possible that I will drive around to each of your houses at least two times during the week, and pick up completed work.  We may also do something with the students taking pictures of their work, and submitting it that way.  I will have that sorted out by Tuesday, when we need it.

Please know that this website will become integral to our communication over the next few weeks.  I will be adding some new elements to the dashboard, particularly a daily schedule, for students to track what is expected of them for that specific day.  This will be posted each morning by 8:00.  There will be specific times each day that they need to join zoom or skype calls to receive instruction on assignments.  We will be training them, tomorrow, on how to do those things.  (PLEASE SEND THEIR DEVICES TO SCHOOL WITH THEM tomorrow if at all possible! - obviously this does not work for desk-top devices, but tablets, and laptops, and even phones, please send, so that we can train them in the use of the apps they will need to use. I will have help from Shawn, on this and Lita will be there to run 'crowd control' on those not working directly with Shawn and myself.)  


I will post updates on the dashboard, regarding anything you as parents should know, regarding the COVID situation.  And still send 'Remind' notifications of that, when possible, but that platform has been a bit less-than-reliable lately.  I suspect that this may become true of more of the platforms, as so many schools attempt to use them, over the next few days!


I will be available for phone/text/skype calls at various points, if students have questions that are not covered in our group sessions.  I will be making a point of touching bases with each student at least once a day by phone. If for no other reason than to have prayer with them.  I will also be praying for them, each day.  I know from having lived through a major natural disaster with my family, already once, that children need help processing these types of situations, and I want to be a resource for your child as much as possible to help them work through feelings and thoughts about what is going on.  That is at least as important to me, as making sure they still have learning time, each day.

We are going to make the best of this, and try to make it feel more like an adventure than something that is scary. 

Please know that you are all in my prayers.  I know this will be challenging in many ways, and I want you to know that I want to be a resource for you in any way that is possible!  Feel free to call/text any time you have a question!  I think most of you have my phone number, but I will be sending home a paper, tomorrow with other ways that you can reach me if you need to, such as my personal land line, and the land line at the school.  I will be spending most of my time at home, but will be at the school some times, too, depending on what I am needing to do, and someone has to feed the frog and the fish!! 


Call Us: 208-580-0512   /   /  2425 American Legion Blvd  Mountain Home, ID   83647