Extra note for Wednesday, May 8

Reminders for tomorrow:

-Lunches need to be brought in disposable containers, and disposable water bottles should also be what is brought (I have an extra case of them in my car, already, for tomorrow too)

-children should wear their bright green DVCS shirts. Preferably the t-shirt, but polo is fine too, if you don't own a t-shirt for your child.

-a sweatshirt or jacket for the morning is a good idea, too, it could be pretty cool in the morning.  Tomorrow's high, for Caldwell is only 64°

-shorts are optional, but should be 'near the knee' in length.

-send sunscreen if that is something you typically have your children wear, when they are in the sun.  We will be outside ALL day.  I can help with the application, if they need a re-application during the day.

-some students have asked if they can bring a pillow, so they can sleep in the car (as if!) I said yes.  These will be left in the car, while we are at Gem State.  I have asked that no electronics come along on this trip.


I forgot to tell you about Movie day, which will be Friday, after school.  The movie will cost 150 Pixie points, and students can pay and extra 50 Pixie points for bringing a blanket or a pillow or both (50 each) if they like.  Students not staying for the movie will need to be picked up at 1:00.


I published the wrong times for the car wash - I have fixed that now, but please know that it will be Sunday, the 19th from 1:00-4:00

Please be sure to go back and read the Monday note from this week, if you have not done so yet.  There are important things, in there, that you need to know about.

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