Remember -

No school Monday(10th), Tuesday(11th) and Friday(14th) this week. 

Next week: No school Monday(17th), Sledding day on Thursday(20th), Music Festival on Friday(21st)

So, no hot lunch until Monday the 24th.

The four days that we are in school in the next two weeks will combine to create one 'school-work-week' So the spelling test will be on Wednesday, February 19th. (except for the third graders) I'll send out reminders next week, to that effect, so you can remember to help your student study the evening before. 

I'll update the dashboard tomorrow evening, so you will know what we will be studying in the various subjects. 

Remember to prepare for the sledding day by making sure that you have snow clothes for all those that will come along. (I found a good deal on snow pants at Dick's, last week, when I was in Boise!)

Please let me know if your family will be coming along, or if your student will be the only one coming, so that I can plan accordingly, and make sure we have the appropriate transportation, for all those who wish to come.


I will get more details about the location where we will go sledding, out to all of you later this week, or next Sunday at the latest. 

Also note that the students WILL be performing for church on Saturday, February 29th. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.  The speaker that week will also have been our week-of-prayer speaker for the week leading into the performance.  I'm sure the students will have some exciting things to share!

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