February 2-8

This week is pretty normal, which is good because the next two weeks are kind of crazy.  Two exceptions to this will be Tuesday (PJ day and possibly a movie in the afternoon) and Thursday - the 100th day of school! - we will have Show-and-tell.  Students can choose to bring a collection of 100 items, or something else they have been wanting to share, or both, for Show-and-tell on Thursday for our 100th day 'celebration' (nothing big, but fun, just the same!).


Monday and Tuesday, February 10 and 11 will be Teacher in-service days (no school) then on Wednesday I need to stay in Boise, for more meetings so Wendy Williams will be in, to sub that day.  Thursday I plan to be here.  Friday is a teacher workday (designed for me to have classroom work time - I will be traveling instead, in light of the changes that are looming - searching for my next job.)

The following week has President's day on Monday(17th), and we will have regular school on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday (20th) will be our family snow-play day in Idaho City.  And Friday (21st) will see our 5-7th graders headed off to Gem State for Music Festival.  They will spend the night, and the concert will be on Saturday, at Gem State, at 3:00.


I know it's all kind of crazy for two weeks, but honestly, it's better to have it all concentrated onto two weeks, then to have it spread out over 4 or 5! 


Feb 3-7 - Normal week

Feb 10,11 - NO SCHOOL - teacher in-service

February 12 - regular school day (Substitute)

February 13 - regular school day (Valentine party in the afternoon)

February 14 - NO SCHOOL - teacher workday

February 17 - NO SCHOOL - President's day

February 18-19 - regular school days

February 20 - Family Snow Play Day

February 21 - Music Festival 6:45 departure time for grade 5-7  (3rd graders have a regular school day)

Feb 22 (SATURDAY) - Concert at 3:00 pm. at Gem State (concludes at 4:00)

WHEW!!!  Then, on February 24, our lives will return to normal (mostly)

February 24-28 will be our week of prayer.  We had an awesome, fun speaker lined up for that week, Cheri Gatton.  We *may* be doing something for church that Sabbath (29th) I have a call in, to the church schedule person, but she is out of town.  I will let you know one way or the other just as soon as I know. 

That is probably enough for this week.  Hope you are not too cross-eyed!! 

We will try to keep things as normal as possible, this week, so we can accomplish some important classroom learning, before the crazy hits, next week.  It's all fun stuff, too, so it's something to look forward to!

Hope you have a great week!


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