'Monday' note, Feb 3, 2019

I wanted to get the note out early this week because there are two things you need to know about before tomorrow.  Particularly parents of 5th and 6th grade students. (highlighted parts are applicable to more than the 6th-grade families) Parents of 2nd-4th graders may want to skim and/or skip to the last 'paragraph'.

We will be starting a new, somewhat smaller-scale fund-raiser focused mostly on the sixth graders who are going to outdoor school.  They will be selling pasta.  As a kick-off for this fund-raiser, the Home And School ladies are providing lunch for the students on Monday (so students do not need to bring a lunch to school on Monday).  This will give the students an opportunity to taste the product that they will be selling, and hopefully get excited about it.  I have tasted it, myself, and it is delicious!  The fund-raiser is designed to help the sixth graders off-set some of the expense of attending outdoor school.  The board has generously voted to pay for nearly half of each student's remaining fees out of the field trip fund (the vote was to pay $125 each - of the remaining $260 to be paid. Leaving each student with remaining fees to be paid of $135)  This amount can be paid by parents directly, or fund-raised for, using this pasta sales.  Or any combination of the two.  The remaining fees are due to the conference office by March 1. 

On that note, there is a teacher from one of our sister-schools, in Caldwell, who is willing to drive out here Monday afternoon, and speak with parents regarding any questions they may have about outdoor school.  Please plan to be at the school for a short Q&A session she will provide, at 5:30 on Monday, if at all possible.  I am VERY sorry for the late notice, but it is something that just came together sort of last-minute, late last week.  I don't think it will be a long session, so hopefully it won't push into dinner time too much for all of you - Jamie is making the drive out at her own expense, so I would really like for each of you to be there if at all possible, even 5th grade families could come, preparing for next year!   Honestly, even if you do not plan to send your child to outdoor school, you should attend this meeting!  It might change your mind!!

The only other 'reminders' that I have for everyone is to be certain you all 

   -remember to help your child bring 100 of something tomorrow, for our 100th day celebration (see last week's note for details) 

   -remember that there is no school, next Monday and Tuesday (Feb 11 and 12).  I will be at in-service meetings in Boise all day, both of those days. 

   - And I wanted to make sure you were all aware that your students brought home their grade cards for first semester, on Friday.  If you have not seen them yet, you should ask for them!  (thank you again, for your patience while I sorted out issues with the student information system - so that the report cards would be complete, for a change - we should be good, now, moving forward, as the bugs have all been worked out, and I am much more familiar with the SIS now, and how to get help, if I need it!) 

   -Please contact me ASAP if you would like a parent-teacher conference appointment.

   -Also, please contact me ASAP to let me know whether you are ok with the public schools doing assessments of need for special services, for your student, or not.  Please contact me via text, or in person - either way (yes or no).  We really can not go forward with this testing until we hear back from each of you, with your 'yes', or your 'no-thank-you'.

Hope you all have a great week!!  I just want you all to know how much I appreciate the honor of being your student's teacher.  Each student in the class brings a unique, special and glorious aspect of themselves to the classroom each day, and I find so much joy in being their teacher!!!

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