February 23-29


This week (and the next several weeks) will be more 'normal' than the last two weeks have been. We did have a LOT of fun last week, sledding though!  And I'm sure the kids enjoyed their two four-day weekends in a row!  I learned some really cool stuff at the in-service meetings I attended, and was able to travel to Walla Walla this last weekend, too.  All in all we are primed to have a good push of un-interrupted school-weeks from now through to Spring break. (March 23-27).

This next week will be our Spring Week of Prayer.  We have a guest speaker coming in, Cheri Gatton is her name.  She is going to be talking to the kids about the 'Armor of God', and has some very fun activities planned for them!! She will also be speaking for church on Saturday, and the students will be performing a small skit for children's story and also reciting some psalms that they have written (upper grades), and playing a piece on the chimes (all students need to be there for this!). We are very much looking forward to sharing this special time with all of you parents, and hope that you will all be able to attend.  Church starts at 11, but having the students there at about 10:30 would be helpful, and there are children's programs that start at about 9:30, that they can take part in if you wish! We would love to have you!

This next week will also be exciting as the eggs in our incubator are due to start hatching on Tuesday.  We are VERY excited to see how many chicks will emerge from our eggs, and it will be quite fascinating to have the opportunity to watch the hatching process.  We will keep the chicks in the classroom for about a week, once they hatch, and then they will need to go home.  Lita (our aide) is able to provide a home for them, so they do not 'need homes'.  However, if you have a strong desire to own one of the chicks, for your own, please simply let me know!  But please do not feel compelled (unless you are already interested) to provide a home for the chicks! The kids may try to tell you that they 'need homes' but they are taken care of already unless you really want one! 

That's about it, for this week.  If your family did not receive a family pass to the Birds of Prey place, please let me know, there were two left over, after I thought I had given one to each family. 

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