Field Trips


It is my goal to have a field trip of some sort approximately every 4-6 weeks.  I know we did not accomplish that last year, but I'm more familiar with the area, now, and I think we can reach that goal this year. I want to have these trips tie-in to our curriculum, so they are definitely learning days too (if nothing else, they tie in to PE - for trips such as the farm, and skating)


We also have several trips that are sponsored by the conference.  The 'biggest' of which is set aside for only sixth graders; it's called Out Door School.  We drove to Newport Oregon, for this trip, last year, and we had a LOT of fun, learned a TON, and made new friends, as there were students from all around the Idaho Conference there too.

We will also (hopefully - they cancelled it last year) attend a bell conference at Gem State Academy in Caldwell, in the spring, and of course there is always Track and Field day, every May, also at Gem State.



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