After many false starts and having to wait for the IXL people to get back to me so that I had permission to re-set Ms. D's password from last year, we are finally up and running and all students have received their password and username, stapled to their HOWDY slips today.  Weekly (minimum) requirements are as follows:

2nd grade - 10 minutes per night or 50 minutes per week

4th grade - 20 minutes per night or 100 minutes per week

5th grade - 25 minutes per night or 125 minutes per week

6th grade - 30 minutes per night or 150 minutes per week

I also know that life happens, and I will not be picky about the weeks being 'Sunday to Sunday' - if you know you have a crazy busy week coming up, your student is free to 'bank' minutes by logging extra minutes the week before, or the week after.  I will look at their average minutes over time.

As for subjects for students to focus on, I would suggest that, in general, they should focus on their weaker subjects (they usually know what that is).  But I will also occasionally ask them to focus on a certain subject (for instance, this week, science/social studies time has been used up, quite a lot, by the ITBS testing, so those two topics would be a good place to start.)


Thank you for your patience on the extended time that it took to get that up and running!  



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