Jan 14 - Monday Note

Just a few things this week -

The Pixie Points are working WONDERS and the kids are really doing WELL with keeping caught up now!! (other behaviors are being modified too - the classroom is much quieter, and students are being more responsible about their pencils!)

Grades are posted online (mostly) and will come home in paper form either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Please remember that we follow the Mt. Home School district snow day procedure - if they cancel or delay school, we follow their lead and do whatever it is that they do.

If your wireless carrier is Verizon, I need to know, because there is a problem between the Remind app, and Verizon customers. We will have to work on some sort of a work-around, but I need to know who all that involves.

The public School district is willing to come and assess our students for any 'special needs' they might have and help me with resources to help manage such needs.  I need a note from you, indicating either 'yes, it is ok', or 'no thank you' - I would like to receive this in an e-mail, but a paper copy would suffice if that is a challenge for you. Here is a link to my e-mail to make it easier  sharon@canaday.com

Also, please remember we are keeping a reading log, now, for homework, since the IXL subscription expired.  Please remember to have your student read an average of 5 min for each year of  their grade level for reading (Red=3rd, Yellow=4th, Blue=6th) - -  Also, please send in a note, signed by you, when they finish a book.  We are keeping track of that another way too. Books finished can be books they read, for their daily log, but if a book gets finished in the process of logging those minutes, send in a note to let me know, so we can have your student add a circle to our caterpillar!! (number of pages in the book is helpful, too)  

Happy Monday!! 

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