Tuesday, January 22

The main item we need to touch bases on this week is the grade cards that have not come home - I apologize!!  The grades are all entered and you should be able to view them on Jupiter.  But there is a problem between Jupiter and the website I am supposed to use to print them.  Not all of the information is transferring over.  I'm hoping to get it resolved yet tonight.  Thank you for your patience. 

As for going forward, I am going to make a concerted effort to keep the grade book more up-to-date on Jupiter, so that you can use it to track your student's grades/progress throughout the quarter.  If you still do not have access to Jupiter, please speak to me directly, and lets get that worked out for you so that you can track things.

Also, if you did not respond to the question on the Monday note from last week, please do that.  ( I was hoping for an e-mail from each of you, indicating whether you were ok with having your child screened by the school district, for special services)


Ms. Sharon

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