Week of January 20-24


There are five things you need to be aware of this week:


When I registered the school for the music festival, last Friday, I was informed that the Thursday afternoon activities have been dropped from the schedule.  The Festival will officially begin on Friday morning, February 21, instead.  We will only be spending one night there, Friday night, February 21st.  I will get further details to you regarding the rest of the schedule, as they become available to me. But I wanted to let you know about that change as soon as I could, so that those of you who plan to come along can adjust your plans, accordingly.  This event is essentially required. If your student is in grades 5 and up you need to plan on them attending if at all possible - their school day is at Gem State that day, and activities will extend into the evening, and onto the next day with a concert held at some point on Saturday.  You can take your child home after the concert, which you are encouraged to attend, too, if at all possible.  If this is a problem in some way for your student or your family, I need to know as soon as possible.

School Snow-play Day

We have tentatively scheduled a school snow-play day on February 18th, 19th or 20th. We will drive up to a sledding facility in/near Idaho City. We will spend the afternoon sledding and inner-tubeing and generally playing in the snow, there.  We may return after our usual dismissal time, as the hill does not open till 11:00, and it's a two-hour drive.  We would like to encourage families to come along as much as possible (thus the flexibility on the dates). So we will need feedback from you, if one of those dates is better than another, for you/your family to come along on this fun trip.  (there is no charge- it is paid for by a generous donation received over Christmas break) Please let me know asap, which date would be best for you, so that we can firm-up our plans.  (note that all who attend this event will need proper snow clothes, including snow pants, boots, warm waterproof gloves, and a good quality hat.  It might be good to start working on acquiring those items now!)

Parent-Teacher Conferences

I can not figure out why I scheduled the parent-teacher conferences so late in the term, this term.  They were originally scheduled for the week of February 18-20.  But I would rather not wait that long to be available to touch base with you about your student's progress.  Please text me a time/date next week that works for you to come in for a bit, one evening, and chat for a bit.  Monday 4:30-6:30, Wednesday 4:30-6:30 and Thursday 5-6:30 are available.  Most conferences are about 20-30 minutes long.


We have finally figured out a way to get school pictures done this year! (our awesome photographer, of last year, has moved to California!) Michelle Lemon (the pastor's wife) will be taking the students portraits on Friday afternoon (I'm told she is an awesome photographer, too - it's just challenging because she also has a 'real' job!).  She will start as early as she can, before 1:00, this coming Friday.  However, due to her work schedule, it's going to be tight to get it done by then, and it will likely spill over, past our usual dismissal time.  Please let me know if there is a reason you need your child picked up promptly at 1:00, and we will make sure and shoot your student's photo first.  Otherwise, please know that we will get done as quickly as we can, but it could be as late as 1:30 or even a bit later, before your child is done for the day, this coming Friday.

Up-coming Church performance date

Due to my illness in December, and some scheduling challenges with other items planned by the church in December, we were, unfortunately not able to have our usual 'Christmas program' this year.  So, we have something planned for February 15th.  Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. 

I know that currently the 14th is scheduled as a 'teacher workday - no school'.  We may look into changing that out for a school day- since the purpose of that workday was to prep for conferences, which are being moved to next week.  I'll discuss this with the board and let you know.  IF us actually having school on Friday, February 14th  would mess you up, in some way, please let me know as soon as possible!




  • We go outside if the temps are above 32°, and if the wind is not whipping so fast we can't breathe! So please make sure your child has dressed for this appropriately.   We've had quite a few days where some students have nothing but a sweatshirt to wear!  It's just not enough on some of these cold days - we still need to get fresh air and sunshine! So, please keep your child supplied with the items they need!

  • Final Empire seminar at the church is this week, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (7:00 in the evenings and also 11 a.m. on Saturday) Please join in and invite any friends who are curious about world events and how they play in, to end-time events predicted in the bible.

  • No school February 10-11 for teacher in-service meetings. (there will also be a substitute on the 12th as I have to stay for additional meetings that day)

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