It is so hard to believe that it's actually the last week of school!! (next week is 'school days', but we will not be doing 'school work')


There is not much to announce, other than the picture day got moved to next Monday, June 3.  Pictures will be available online, so having it so close to the end of the year shouldn't be a problem.  The photographer apologizes - she had been away on a trip, and our pictures were suppoed to be her first job, when she got back, but there was a family emergency, while she was gone...  anyway, she has promised us that she will be here at 9:00 Monday morning. 


The last day of school, (June 4) we will be having some outside games and picnic-type activites in the morning, and then a 'potluck lunch' (though there will also be pizza/cupcakes provided by one or two of our students with summer birthdays, so, pehaps some veggie plates, or salads, or something to drink would be a nice way to round that out. Everyone (and families) is invited, so please let me know what you plan to bring/send, so we can assure that we will have enough food for everyone who is planning to attend.  Also, if you have a picnic-type game you can share with us that day, it would be nice to have the kids rotate through some stations with various games they can play (horseshoes, corn hole, lawn darts, or maybe some carnival-type activites like a ring-toss, or a balloon board thing.) (again, please let me know what you have to bring.) 


We have had an excellent school year. I'm happy with the progress I have seen in the students, and I am excited about next year.  There will be some changes, to how we do things, and I expect we will only improve on what we have accomplished this year.  God is GOOD.


Please remember to keep your student engaged in learning over the summer, even if it's only 15 minutes per day (though, as the teacher, I would encourage closer to an hour, or even two!) Remember to take a look at the Summer Bridge books that I posted several weeks ago.  If you are unsure which grades to purchase, please text me, and I'll help you sort it out.  Also please plan to sign your child up for the summer reading program at the library, or create your own incentive for them to be reading whenever possible (some parents are even paying their students in 'back-to-school-shopping-dollars' for every book they read!! This is a total WIN-WIN, because it's money you are probably already going to have to spend anyway, but your student gets to have more autonomy and can learn budgeting skills, and have a sense of ownership because THEY earned the money!!)  Studies have shown that the more a child reads the better they will do in ALL of the Language arts-type subjects, from spelling, to grammar, to vocabulary.  The best way to improve those grades is to have your child read read read read read read read!!! 

Have a blessed summer!!  Hope to see you at the pool or the parks!! 

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