Art Class Supplies

-Black Fine-tip marker or felt-tip pen

-Black Sharpie marker

-Black or Dark Grey Charcoal Pencil

-White block eraser and/or kneaded eraser *see note below*

-Colored pencils - set of 12 is fine

-Glue stick (we have also run out of these, in the classroom supply - so some extras would be great)

-Wet Wipes (again, classroom supply is depleted, so extras will go to the general supply)


Please make your students aware that these supplies will be kept in their ART bin, and will not be for 'general use' (particularly the sharpie markers and the kneaded eraser - several students brought them, at the beginning of the year, and have lost them due to playing with them like a toy.  If your student still has any of these supplies from the beginning of the year, please to NOT buy more - the ones they have will do fine!!)

Depending how many lessons into the series we are able to get, this year, we MAY need a few more supplies.  But it will not likely be for two or three more months, so we will not ask for them now, and may not need them till next year.

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