Monday Note - Nov. 26th


- Picture day will be Thursday of this week - I know the note that came home today said Dec 3, but that is because I printed the notes before the photographer wrote me an e-mail, asking if there was any way we could change the date.  All other details are the same.  Pictures will take place at about 1:00 in the afternoon.  Sorry - I know early morning is better, but this is the time of day when there is 'help' here, so that I can be working with the photographer, helping them get set up, while someone else is supervising recess.  We can give the kids a few minutes to 'freshen up' a bit, as needed. 


Other than that, we just need the remainder of the shirt orders to come in ASAP, so that we can get that order PLACED.  Please indicate your child's size on the order somewhere.  That was left off of the order, by accident.  If you have already sent in your order just tell your child the sizes you need, so that I can add it to your order form.  (Or text it to me!)


As you start to think about things such as 'stocking stuffers' for your student, please remember school supplies - we always start to run a bit low this time of year.  White board markers, and pencil-top erasers are currently in short supply! I would also like for the students to look toward moving to mechanical pencils, if possible (at least the students in grades 4-6 anyway) so that we will have less 'pencil sharpener noise and mess' in the classroom.


Cold temps have arrived - I tend to be a bit of a 'send them outside anyway' kind of parent, but I am a tad nervous to impose this on other people's kids (though I do think of your kids as 'my own' too!) I will send out a 'remind' text in a few days, asking you to reply to me with what specific temperature you think is 'too cold' to go out.  There is also the fact that I have to go out WITH your kids (Mine, I send  out, and I stay inside where it's WARM!!) so, we need to arrive at some agreed temp that we stay inside for.  Your input is much appreciated, when the text comes.  Thanks!


- Friday Dec 7th - November's behavior reward Movie afternoon - students with at least 14 Howdy slips with good marks on them, will be able to stay, after the 1:00 release, for a movie (probably the 'Charlie Brown Christmas', and maybe 'Little Drummer Boy' - though I am still open to suggestions). 

- Saturday Dec. 15th - kids need to come to church to help with the one or two musical numbers we will be doing for church that day - please come by 10:30.  Parents are encouraged to stay, too, and plan to stay for the potluck.  The church members love our little school and each one of our students, so this is an awesome chance to eat with people who help our school to succeed.  (wasn't the Thanksgiving dinner wonderful!?)

- Wednesday Dec. 19th - last day of school - this will be a full day.  We will likely have a party for at least part of the day, that day.


Studies have shown that one of the best ways of ensuring that your child is not being a bully or a victim of bullying is to make sure your child is secure in the knowledge that they are loved at home.  Tell your kids how proud of them you are, often, and make sure to smother them with love, every chance you get.  You would be surprised how much difference this makes, in a kid's ability to stand up to adversity, and their ability to pass kindness on to other students, given the opportunity.  SO: Parent homework for the rest of the school year:  Make sure and love on your kids!!!  : )

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday!!  When it was my turn to share what I was thankful for, I said, "My most amazing job, my super students, and our awesome little school." - I count it a great honor to be entrusted with the education of your students, and I *love* having each one of them in my class!!    

                                                                           - Ms Sharon

PS -Show-and-Tell dates are updated through the week after Christmas break - we will do two days of Show-and-Tell, on our two half days we have, the week that we return from Christmas break.

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