March 8th

Four things this week:


Remember that on Friday morning, at 10:00, (till about 11) an Elmore county Sheriff will be at the school to talk to students, parents, grandparents, and any others who are interested.  His presentation will be about internet safety. Please feel free to spread the word, invite friends, family, and anyone else interested.  Come with questions. 


Wednesday will be our 'field trip' to the local food bank at Grace Lutheran Church.  This is a walking field trip, as they are just up the street from us, and we spend just a few hours there, in the morning.  The rest of the day will be a normal school day. 


Mark your calendars for May 15-24.  We have a world-renowned evangelist coming to our church, (live!) to present information about Islam and Christianity.  I have personally heard this man speak and was amazed at the relevance of his message to things I saw, and continue to see happening in the news.  You will be blessed, I promise you!  The meetings will be in the evenings, and a light supper will be served, to make attendance a bit easier. 

If you or someone you know would like to come, but are concerned that child care would be an issue, please contact me, and I will see what can be arranged. 


We need to plan an 'end of the unit' event, for next week, on either Thursday evening, or Friday during the school day (next week, so the 19th or the 20th).  Please let me know if you have a strong preference as to which time would work best for you.  This is not 'required' for parents to attend, as we are able to record their presentations, and post them on See Saw.  But the times that we have opened it up to parents have been very nice, and I would like to do that, this time, if at all possible.  Students will be presenting their final project for their president studies in the form of an oral report, with either a poster or a PowerPoint presentation to support it. 

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