Monday, April 1

Not much this week:

Just a slight change in the way I will be handling 'late work' - first of all, we will not be pursuing *PERFECTION* in pour pursuit of 'mastery'.  (while the later is definitely important, the former is not always the best way to achieve that!)  I will be paying more attention to whether the students understand concepts, and if I feel mastery has been achieved, we will give it a rest, and not pursue every single correction.


Now, that said, we will not be carrying 'late work' any further forward than the Friday of the week after it was originally due (or possibly first thing, the next Monday - simply because of the 'communication with the parents' piece, so that you have time to respond, over the weekend). 

I will post names on the board, on Monday, of any student with late work from the week before, and I will be encouraging the students to get their name erased off of that board ASAP.  (there were six this morning and already three are erased!) I will also post, on Monday evenings, the work that is due, from the previous week, in some way that parents can more easily track it.  I'm not sure if this will mean somehow using Jupiter, so that each parent only sees THEIR child's late work, or simply somehow posting my clip-board, here, so that all parents can see what is due from everyone (not my first choice), or possibly finding some way to make your child's info only accessible through a password here at the school website - I still need to explore my options here.

Anyway, I want you all to know that I understand that the whole 'purple folder' thing has been somewhat confusing to some of you, and that I am working to make it simpler.  I don't want the kids to typically have homework.  But there are times, when the work is not getting done, at school, that this needs to happen.  Back work is one of those times.  As are 'corrections'.  Teaching to Mastery is something I have simply always done, and the students whom I have taught long-term have benefitted greatly from this method. It takes some getting used to, and will take continued adjustments in this setting, but I do think the students are already showing advancement because of it.  I'm not abandoning it, just trying to simplify it a bit. 

Hang in there, we'll get the bugs worked out.

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