Monday, April 15th


Both last week, and this week, in Bible class, we have been studying the Easter Story, in preparation for the upcoming Holiday weekend.  Our focus is primarily on the story of Christ's death on the cross, and His miraculous resurrection (not discussing eggs or bunnies at all!).  With our central discussion being surrounding what that all means to each of US, individually!  As a culmination of this unit, I want to invite the students (and you parents, too, if you like) to attend an agape feast that our church will be holding on Friday evening, of this week, to celebrate the importance of the amazing things that Christ did for us on the cross.  It starts at 6:00 pm Friday evening.  Feel free to bring you child, and leave them with me, if you are not able to attend yourself.  I will keep track of the students, and help them experience the evening appropriately.  It would be nice if you could each text me and let me know how many from your family will be coming, so I can let the church leaders know how to plan.  Thank you!

Also, please remember that next week the remaining 8 students that are not going on the Outdoor School trip, will have a substitute teacher all week.  Ms. Cynthia has been here before and the students enjoy her.  I hope that they all have a good week while we are gone! I believe I will have cell service where I will be and be able to be reached that way, if you need me for anything, while I am gone (it's not a vacation, I'm still 'on the clock' so don't be shy, if you need to reach out).  You will need to use the school phone number during the day, if you need to let Ms. Cynthia know anything, regarding pick up, etc, rather than texting with me, as you typically do. 

6th/8th grade parents - if you did not get my phone message today- we have changed our departure time to Monday morning at 6:00, please plan to be at the church by 5:45, Monday morning! (sorry!) Call or text me, if you have any questions.  Also, there will be one more permission slip, to cover any possible need for medical treatment, while we are traveling over and back.  That will come home on Wednesday.  Thank you!! You will not need to send as much money to cover meals on the trip, traveling over and back, either.  If your student comes having eaten breakfast, or brings a 'sack breakfast' - there would only be need in of either a sack lunch or money to cover a fast-food lunch.  We will be at the facility by dinner time.  The trip back will be the same.  They will provide breakfast, and we believe they will provide a sack lunch, to take in the car.  So, we should only need to stop for dinner, on the way back.  So, enough money to cover two, maybe three fast-food meals will be enough, since we are not staying a night, on the way there, now.  : )   Our *tentative* return time is approximately 9:00 Friday evening. We will keep you apprised of our progress as we drive back and give you a closer ETA as we make our way home! 

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