Monday, April 29


Outdoor School was a RESOUNDING success.  I found myself OFTEN wishing that ALL of the children could have come!  I'm very much looking forward to having each of the students get an opportunity to attend, as they cycle through the 6th grade year.  So much exceptional learning took place and many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities were lived out!  What a blessing to be able to be a part of this program!

The only thing you need to be aware of right now, is that we will be traveling to Gem State Academy, next Thursday, May 9th, for a track and field day.  Further details will be made available as I get them, but for now just know that that is coming up, and that you will see a note and permission slip, to sign, for the consent to treatment, and permission to travel.  I believe that we will be able to leave at our regular start time, and return before our regular pick up time, but if I find out otherwise, I will let you know as soon as possible.

We will be making one more trip to help with the food-bank boxes in the month of May, but I have not scheduled it.  I will let you know when I know the date. 

The kids wanted to count, today, how many more days, so we did.  As of end of school today, there are 22 more 'desk days' (there is a holiday, Memorial day, and the Track and Field day, and a 'clean up day' and a 'picnic day', so a total of 26 more days, if you count all of that, but 22 'regular school' days.  We are on the home stretch!

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