Monday, December 3

Three things this week...

#1 - Please send your child with warm outdoor gear and appropriate foot-wear for this week, as we will be playing outside, still, as much as possible, even in the snow.  Labeling hats and gloves might help with the potential jumble of everyone's gear.  But I'll try to help them keep it all straight as much as possible! 

#2 - We have another fund-raiser coming up  - called 'Wrap it Up' - it's a gift-wrapping station we will be setting up in a trailer, in the parking lot of D&B.  Shifts will be for about an hour to an hour and a half, in the neighborhood of 2:00-5:00, both of the Sundays we will be there, Dec. 9th and Dec. 16th.  Please come in to the school, either one morning or an afternoon, at pick-up, and sign up for the shift you want to come and help for.  Also, spread the word to family and friends, that they can come, and have us do their wrapping for them!!

#3 - Please send paint shirts!  We have several projects related to Christmas that involve painting with acrylic paints.  These do not wash out of clothes easily...  please send an oversized t-shirt or old men's dress shirt, that your child can leave at school, for these projects.  If you have a spare one, that other students could use, that might be nice, we actually have several families who are either recently moved or moving soon, so sometimes things like that are harder to come by, while moving.  If you have a spare and can send in more than one, that would be appreciated!

PS - I've asked for shirt orders repeatedly, and we have, I think six, so far.  We will have to place the order next week, with whatever we have at that point.  Remember that we need sizes - the order form didn't have a place for sizes on it.

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