I do want to get in the habit of writing a quick note on Mondays,(sorry it's a bit late, this week, I'll work on that!)  The purpose of this note will be just to keep you in touch with what we are doing at school.


This week is the first we have done our 'morning rotation' routine (Math, spelling, Reading, grammar, and handwriting - and we will be adding in phonics for the younger groups and vocabulary for the older groups, soon, too) The students have a folder with all of their work for the morning in it, as well as another folder which has any corrections they need to make on the previous days' work.  I am available to help with corrections for a bit, in the mornings, before I start working with the various reading and math groups.  The students have their work, and can tackle it in whatever order they want to.  Most of them were able to finish all of their morning work today.  That's is awesome for only the second day!! (Last week was spent on placement testing and group/team building activities - so Tuesday was our first day of 'curriculum'). So, since everyone was done, I pulled out a fun art project for us to do in the afternoon instead of Ketchup and Pickles time (since no one needed to catch up!), and we learned about primary, secondary, and complimentary colors, as well as positive shapes and negative shapes!! 

Your student should have brought home a letter from the current Go-math chapter and from the current Pathways unit (Language Arts)  These will help you know what specific concepts are being covered in those topics.

Also, on Friday, there should have been two 'Box Tops' incentive sheets sent home.  I am giving the kids one small candy for each sheet they bring in.  If you don't want you child to have a candy, please let me know and I'll find some other reward.  Remember, our goal is for each child to fill two of those sheets, each month!!  (I don't typically use sweets as rewards, but I have a bit of a stash, backed up right now, and need to get it 'eaten' down!!)

Your student's completed school work will come home about once a week or possibly even only about every two weeks.  We keep it all here, in a folder (a habit I want them to build, for higher education) and I'll sort it out, and decide what can go home and what I want to save for their 'portfolio' file, so that we can compare 'beginning of the year work' with 'later in the year work' for homework.  If you want to see it any sooner than when they bring it home, you are welcome to step in, on pick up or drop off, and take a quick peak. 

We spent some time, today, checking on IXL and seeing who needs log-in information and who still has it from last year, so students will have details about their IXL 'homework' starting next week.

What we are most excited about right now, is our awesome new bible curriculum.  We are learning about God's gifts to us in this first 'unit' and we had six wrapped gifts show up suddenly at the schoolroom door, yesterday!!  Each day we will unwrap one, and talk about the amazing gifts God has given us!  Ask your student what they talked about in Bible class each day!!

Parting shot: Don't forget to plan to be at church on the 15th for our special feature! 

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