Monday note - 11/12

Well, the kids didn't have school today, but I'm still here, getting some things done that I usually do on a Sunday - The biggest project that I'm tackling is re-arranging my lesson plans to allow for practice for the little program we will do on Thursday evening, at the Thanksgiving dinner.    So, what has ended up happening, is that between this week, being a short week, and next week being a short week, we will do one week worth of lessons, spread out over the two weeks with some fun things thrown in, and practice, too! 

Here is the basic gist of it:

Tuesday(13th) - normal morning - practice in place of Science/SS in the afternoon

Wed. (14th) - Morning field trip to Grace Lutheran Food Pantry - afternoon- science unit wrap-up so that 'bodies' can go home Thursday night

Thursday (15th) - Normal morning, practice in the afternoon (and Bible, Pastor Tomm will come, since we didn't have school on Monday)

Friday (16th) -STEM/Math journal activities - four signs/place value - show and tell/brag tags

Monday (19th) -Normal day

Tuesday (20th) (short day)- Friday equivalent - (so spelling tests will happen, and show and tell, again)

So, three things you might have noticed in there are that there is only going to be one spelling test, for the two weeks,  the field trip on Wednesday morning, and the 'short day' on Tuesday the 20th.

The spelling text item is pretty self explanatory - since we are only doing one week worth of lessons, spread out over the two weeks, we will only have one spelling test, and it will be on the 20th, just before Thanksgiving break.

FIELD TRIP - I was finally able to reach the people in charge of the food pantry at Grace Lutheran, where the students have gone to help out before.  They were happy to hear we still wanted to help.  But looking at dates, the ONLY time that would work, before some time in January, was this Wednesday.  So, we will walk over there on Wednesday morning and help them prepare Thanksgiving food baskets, and then walk back and finish our day out with some science unit activities. 

HALF DAY - - In looking at the calendar that is in the handbook, it indicated that the day before Thanksgiving break was a half day.  So I brought it up with the board, and they said yes.  So, Tuesday, Novemeber 20 will be a 'half day' - technically we only have to have school for four hours, which would mean a 12:30 release, but I think it will be easier to just treat it like a Friday and release at 1:00.  Please feel free to weigh in, if you have an opinion about all of that.  I know there are several families planning to be gone that entire week, this will mean less 'make-up work' for them, when they return.  This might be something we want to look at for next year (taking the entire week off).  Let me know what you think.

While we are talking about half days, you might want to note that the day we return from Christmas break is a Thursday (January 3)  We will be doing a half day that day, as well, with our 'reward movie' for December happening in the afternoon.  So as long as your child earns the reward movie in December it will feel like a full day.  However, if they don't earn the reward movie, they will need to be picked up at 1:00, as that day will technically be a half day of school.  I'll remind you all about this again, once we get a little closer.  Just wanted you all to know what the plans are.  (Maybe you can help motivate your child to be SURE and earn that reward movie, for December's Howdy slips.)

We are 'allowed' four half days per school year, and at this point we are planning to leave the other two available for 'half-day-snow-days' if needed. 

Please remember that Tuition was due on the first, and late on the 10th, with $10/day late fees at that point - all you have to do, to avoid those late fees is contact Amy, and let her know what your plan is.  (208-591-0874)

And also, please remember to send some sort of a 'spare' lunch for your child to keep at the school.  Suggestions: crackers and a can of soup, a frozen meal, or even a pack of ramen or cup-a-soup. 

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