January 28  (long one today - sorry!)

First: Grades.  I am getting closer - let me remind you that the grades are posted, on Jupiter.  The only thing that is not working is the printing part of things.  I am still working on it. Still hoping for resolution by end of this week.  I can print them now, but they would be missing subjects.  I would like to wait and print them when they are complete.

Second: some housekeeping items-

       - Howdy slips were meant as a communication tool, for you to see how/what your student did today.  Many of the students are simply leaving them at school.  I would like to encourage you to ask for them, every day, and possibly set up a reward system, so that students will be motivated to get them to you.  They are no longer needed for entrance into the movie - Pixie points will do that, which you student will have already received for their Howdy slip, when it is marked by me. 

     - Remember to be marking the reading logs.  Particularly we need to be keeping track of when your student completes a book.  We are adding 'sections' to a caterpillar, in the classroom, and each book completed means your child gets to add a section in their unique color. 

     - The 100th day of school is coming up!  (next Monday, to be exact) please help your child assemble a collection of 100 items.  This can be something simple like 100 cheerios, or something interesting such as a collection that one of your family members has, that has 100 (or more) items, or something fun, such as...  (be creative)  We will still be doing most school subjects that day, but will skip some, so that we can celebrate our milestone! 

    - Quarter fund raiser.  This is a fund we are building so that we can purchase a set of hand-chimes, for the school.  This would allow us to have a music program and to perform, occasionally for the church, and possibly for some other churches in the community.  The M&M tube campaign will be an on-going campaign.  Please do not feel pressure to fill it *quickly* - simply put in quarters when they come to you, and when it's full, send it in.  We'll send another home with your student.  This has been a tremendously effective fund-raising campaign in other organizations I've belonged to.  No extra time/effort -simply pop quarters into that tube whenever you get one.  Your student is welcome to 'ask grampa' to help, but apparently some students were in such a hurry to fill the tube they were changing in other forms of money for quarters...  no need for that (though you can if you WANT!) Just fill it as you come across a quarter and bring it in for a new tube, when it's full.  Thanks! Church members are helping with this fundraiser, too!

     - Please note the school calendar and remember that there is no school on Monday, Feb 11 and Tuesday, the 12th.  I will be in meetings in Boise those days.  We will be learning about Project Based Learning, which I'm quite excited about!

     - Remember, if you want a parent-teacher conference, I am available as needed for that - please contact me directly - 256-684-7013

     - Friday will be Reward Movie Day - Students can pay 100 Pixie Points to see "How to Train Your Dragon" from 1:05-3:00.  If your student has a 'ticket' (purchased from me, for 100 points) you may plan to pick them up at 3:00, otherwise, please plan on the usual Friday pick-up time of 1:00.

     - Last, but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST - the new Pixie Point system is working SO WELL!!  The students were all COMPLETELY Caught up yesterday!!!  I got them treats!!  I'm so proud of how hard they are working, now, to stay caught up!  


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