Sorry this is kinda late - with tomorrow being picture day I had hoped to get the Monday note posted sooner in the evening, but I had forgotten about the Church business meeting this evening!  That got in the way.

Tomorrow is Spring Picture Day!

We are hoping to do these photos outside, but of course weather will dictate whether that is possible or not.   The pictures will take place pretty much first thing in the morning, as soon as we are done with worship.  So if you want to be here for them, you would need to come at about 9:00. 

Note about the car wash:

We did cancel it completely.  We made the choice not to postpone it because we had some excess in the Home and School budget as it was, so we didn't feel the need to try to find another weekend to do it.  Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your support for the fund raisers, etc.  Our home and school organization has gone VERY well, this year!!  Special thanks to Bonnie Sprowl for heading that up for us!! If you have any boxtops sitting around, or any M&M tubes that are nearly full of quarters, be sure to send those in before the end of the year.  We are VERY close to being able to purchase the hand chimes we are wanting to get, with the M&M money.  So that is very exciting too!! And will be an awesome addition to our music instruction next year!!

Keep the School Picnic in the back of your mind.

Our School Picnic will be the last day of school, Tuesday, June 4

We would love to have as many families join us as possible. It would be fun to have some simple carnival-type games or picnic-type games to play, so if you have something you could contribute to that, please let me know!  We will have a pot-luck lunch and then dismiss for the year. 

Summer Bridge - if you didn't see the note last week, please be sure to go back and read it.  Particularly the bit about the summer bridge books.  I really think these books are an important item for you to make note of (and hopefully order!)

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