Monday, May 6

Field Day

Permission slips will come home tomorrow - please sign and return ASAP.  We will be leaving at approximately 8:45 Thursday  morning and returning around 3:00.  (you can pick up, that day, any time between 3:00 and 3:30.)  Students will need a sack lunch (disposable items only, please - including the sack).  Also send sunscreen, if you wish it to be applied, and a hat might not be a bad idea.  I will also purchase a case of water bottles for the day, but it might be nice if students came with their first one from home.  Our Day will be spent at Gem State Academy, in Caldwell, ID, and any parents who want to come along are welcome to do so! (we are still looking for another driver or two)

Parent Recognition Event

Our next church-time event will be Saturday morning, May 18 (yes, I told the students the wrong date, so if they told you it was THIS Saturday - it's my fault!).  The students will be providing the Children's story for church, and we will also be taking this time to recognize you parents for the awesome contribution you have made to your student's lives this year.  Please plan to attend if at all possible.  Church starts at 11:00, but students should be here by 10:45 if possible.  We should be all done by 12:00, but you are also welcome to stay for the potluck, after church, if you like!

Spring Car Wash

Two things in one weekend - sorry about that - but we are running out of weekends!!  Spring Car Wash is Sunday, May 19.  We need people to sign up for time slots, that they can help.  Basically 'morning' or 'afternoon' - we need parents there along with their children please!!  The two car washes each year, are what provides funds for our field trip coffers so that you don't have to pay field trip fees when they come up.  Tell your friends, too, to bring their cars by, for us to wash!!  We will start at 1:00 and go till about 4 or so.  So shifts would run from 1-2:30 and 2:30-4:00.  Please text me and let me know what shift you would like me to put you down for!   It's always a lot of fun, too!

Spring Picture Day

I am in the process of arranging for one more picture day, for spring.  It will likely be the week of May 20-24.  I will provide you with further

details as soon as I have them.


Several families have not filled out the survey online, regarding after school 'homework club'.  Please take a moment if you have not done so, to fill that out.  It is linked here.  However, I did notice one possible issue.  In that students could be filling it out, without parents knowing that they are

doing so.  So, if you don't mind sending me a text, to let me know that it was, in fact, a parent that filled it out, that would be wonderful. (even if you filled it out several days ago, please just shoot me a quick text to let me know it was you!) Thanks!

Count down to the end of school!

We are counting down the days, and the number is getting smaller and smaller (it has a one, in the tens digit now!!) (we are not counting the last two days or field day - only the days of 'school work') Our last two day of school will be 'clean up and organize' on Monday, June 3, and School Picnic on Tuesday June 4 (which will be a short day - dismissal after lunch)  Please know that everyone is invited to the picnic, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles...  We have not decided the details of the event, but we promise it will be fun!  We just ask that each family bring some picnic-themed potluck dish for the lunch. (if you have suggestions for the activity, feel free to share those with me!)

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