MONDAY Note - October 22, 2018

- if you didn't read last week's note, please be sure and go back and do that - particularly the bit about parent teacher conferences and grades.  Grade have been entered, now, for the last three weeks. I will enter one more set of grades before the term ends, but your student's standing is pretty close to what it will for the end of the term.  If you have any questions or concerns, please schedule a conference, so that we can discuss it.  Again, I am very sorry that that took so long to get all of those entered, and I truly appreciate your patience.  I have set a goal for myself that grades for the previous week will all get entered every Friday afternoon, or Sunday, at the latest (it will depend if I have 'plans' for the weekend - if I'm here, it will likely be Sunday, if I'm out of town, it will likely be Friday, before I go).  I have only had two parents contact me regarding parent teacher conferences, so far.  That's fine, again, it is not required, but if you do want to meet with me, Thursday is still wide open. Texting me is the best way to get in touch with me.  256-684-7013

- we need to get a head-count for the Thanksgiving dinner, so that we know how to plan.  Please text me (number above) and let me know how many of your family will be attending or if you think you will not be able to come.  It's a pretty special event, and we sincerely hope you can ALL be there!!

- quick note on papers coming home (tomorrow) - you might occasionally see 'DIG' written in green, on a paper - particularly Math papers.  This mean it was 'Done In Group' - often this will be the parts of the GoMath packets that say 'explain' - I don't ask the kids to do those very often. Typically we do them together, out loud, as a discussion, or as a part of doing other parts of the page together, rather than asking them to write it out.  So if you see DIG it means we did it, just not in writing.

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