Happy Monday!                                                                                                                       October 1st, 2018


There are several things that need attention from you as parents:



We have had several students forget their lunch. It is a very good idea, to keep a frozen meal in the freezer here at the school, so that forgotten lunches can be taken care of that way. I would request that you send at least one such meal for your child to keep, stored here. Label it please, so that we can keep straight what belongs to whom in the freezer!


HOWDY reward 'party'

I will be having an 'after school movie time' on Friday of next week. Students who earned at least 10 “All Good” or “Super Duper” HOWDY slips need to bring those slips in, some time this week, to exchange for the ticket to the party. We will watch the movie “Second Hand Lions”. If you would like to provide snacks, please text me so we can co-ordinate things and make sure all of the needed items are covered. (a parent has already offered pop-corn, we would still need 'drinks' and maybe one other threat to eat). The movie is two hours long, so we should be done some time around 3:00, but if picking you child up at 3:30 is easier for you, please just speak to me, and we will make arrangements for that.


Shirt Sizes

I really need you to text me your shirt orders ASAP – here are the sizes and related costs:

Childs Polo - $10.00 Childs T-shirt - $5.00

Adult Polo - $15.00 Adult T-shirt - $10.00

School provides each student with one polo shirt. Any additional will need to be paid for ASAP, so that the order can be sent in soon.

Please respond by Wednesday afternoon, with sizes and plan to get the money turned in as soon as you possibly can.


Field Trip

We will be taking an afternoon to go to Quey's Maze, on Tuesday, October 16. The cost for this trip will be $7.00.  This will include a trip through the maze, a hey ride and a small pumpkin.  We will leave at 11:00, so that we can eat our lunch there, and spend the afternoon there, and return to the school in time for the usual dismissal time of 3:30.  Permission slips will come home closer to the date of the trip.

Sixth grade parents

Outdoor school dates have been changed to April 22-26. Please adjust your calendar accordingly. (this is for parents of those students who are in 6th grade, only)


Digital school work

I have the kids working on some research about various states that they chose. The product they will create with their research will be a brochure about their state. I would like them to do this on the computers and hand it in, online. The easiest way for them to hand this in online, is if we use google classroom. They need an e-mail account in order to set all of this up. If you student already has an e-mail account, please have them send me a message to ms.sharon.dvcs@gmail.com, so that I have it, and can set up our google classroom. Students who have not sent me an e-mail by Wednesday afternoon, will have a new g-mail account set up for them. If you would rather do this yourself, and then have them e-mail me, that is fine, if I have not heard from you by Wednesday afternoon, I will do it for them.




Ms. Sharon

PS - please be aware, that there has been a death in my extended family, and there may be need of a sub one day in the next week or so, to travel to Walla Walla for services there.

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