October 29 Monday note

Box Tops

There is a deadline, imposed by the company that gives us money for these, every six months.  November 1st is the one we are up against, at the moment - Please send ANY boxtops that you have, as SOON as possible, whether they are glued on a sheet or not!! 

Spelling lists

Spelling lists will be going up tomorrow - I have had to make some changes to what I had planned for this week, so we are moving a few groups into new books rather than continuing another week, when the kids have already finished the book (when I planned I did not realize they would be done reading it so fast!).  These adjustments mean that several of the groups need new lists, different than what I had planned and prepared for.  I'll get it all sorted out, later this evening, and get them posted, probably late tonight, but it could be tomorrow afternoon before I get it done.


I am still getting instruction from Jupiter and from the conference office (my boss) on what the standard procedure is on this.  I should have it all sorted out by Thursday and be able to send home the first quarter grades on Friday.

Back work

There are about 4 or 5 kids who have consistently kept themselves caught up.  In the future, only these students will be allowed to have 'pickles' time at the end of any given day - some of them have been taking 'pickles' time, because they got THAT day's work done - I am going to be watching this much more closely from now on.  Both that day's, and all past work must be done in order to have pickles.  I really want to encourage them to stay caught up as much as possible.  Back work is a dark shadow over their head, and bogs me down, too, as a teacher, trying to pull those along that are not staying caught up.  This term we want to avoid 'back work' at all cost.  So, I am hoping that perhaps this will help to motivate them, to avoid having back work "at all cost".  Also, there may be times when 'too much back work' will cause them to get 'smidge rough' on their Howdy slip. 

Reward Movie

Some of you may have noticed, in the note I posted yesterday, regarding 'Spirit Week' that we are planning our 'Howdy Slip Reward Movie' as part of our school day on Thursday.  This is due, in part, to Wednesday evening's Halloween/sugar-laden activities and what that will mean about how well the kids will be able to focus in school on Thursday.  Due to this being a part of our school day I am only asking for 12 Howdy slips, in order for a student to get to see the movie (considering there were 23 days of school this month, that's pretty CHEAP!), but honestly, I can't really exclude anyone, because it's part of our school day this time (we'll be avoiding that in the future, if at all possible) - I *will*, however, be asking that those who are still quite behind, be working with me, on school work, rather than watching the movie - we will likely watch in the Fellowship hall, and I will arrange the tables, etc.  So that they are not too distracted by the screen, and can still focus on getting caught up.  I would REALLY like for us to be able to start next Monday with a clean slate, and no back work for anyone!!

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