Monday, October 8

I want to start by saying I'm very sorry for the late notice on the personal day that I took today and the change that that made in the plans for the movie day last Friday - With the travel, over the weekend, for the funeral we needed to attend, the time that I had with my husband here, to help with projects was cut VERY short - so taking the day off today allowed us to get some much needed projects done (including starting the process of getting the Teaching Textbooks disks installed and ready for use!!) So, thank you all for being flexible, and I'm very sorry for any inconvenience that it caused to anyone!! 

Quite a few items need attention this week:


Amy tells me there are several families that still need to pay October's bill.  Please contact her directly and make arrangements for that to be taken care of ASAP - I try to stay out of the loop on the tuition thing (other than putting checks in her box, at times...) and let Amy handle all of that, so it is best if you contact her directly, if you need to make arrangements. Her home number is  208-366-2158

Jupiter Ed

You should have gotten a paper brought home, last week, with information on how to log in to Jupiter Ed and view your student's grades.  I will be adding more scores over the next few days, so be sure to check back soon.  Please also remember that because I teach to mastery (expecting the students to re-visit their mistakes, and learn from them) assigning a percentage grade to specific assignments becomes somewhat problematic (do you give them a grade based on their score before they make corrections, or after? - often times they learn more from the correction process than the assignment taught them, in the beginning!).  Typically I am assigning a grade that is somewhat abstractly associated with the level of understanding that your child seems to demonstrate, of the material being covered.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to e-mail me, or arrange to come in and discuss it with me, ASAP.  It's always best to deal with concerns when they are little.  And your concerns are a priority to me.  I want to address them, and help you understand, and/or make needed changes, so that we can all be on the same team, to educate your children well!!

Verified Volunteer

Later this week, I will be sending home paperwork with information on how to get online and do the Verified Volunteer process.  Anyone who will be driving for field trips, or helping as a lunch volunteer (which we want to organize soon) will need to have completed this process, before they can be alone with the students (say, in a car, on the way to a field trip).  We do not want to simply publish the information here, as anyone who goes through, using our credentials, we have to pay a fee for.  We don't mind at all, paying that fee for all of you, but would rather not pay it for someone who stumbles onto our website and randomly decides to 'take part' (not sure WHY anyone would DO that, but would rather not pay for it, either way!)

Speaking of Field Trips...

I have arranged for us to take a trip to Quey's Maze, next week, on Tuesday, the 16th.  We will leave the school at about 11:00, and return in time for regular dismissal.  Students need to bring their lunch in disposable containers, so that we don't have to keep track of lunch bags, etc.  And should not bring things that need to be warmed up in microwaves, as we will eat out at the farm.  There is a $7.00 fee for this trip.  This includes a small pumpkin for each student.  Students will be bringing home a 'permission slip' for you to sign, please return the fee, with the slip. 

Amazon Smile

Some of you may be unaware that Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to a charity of your choice.  You can go to "Amazon Smile" and choose which charity you want to have receive these benefits, and Desert View Christian School is on the list (because we are a non-profit Organization).  So please join Amazon Smile, and select DVCS...  it doesn't cost you anything extra, and it helps the school! 

Box Tops

We need to get the Box Tops for Education turned in by early November (this batch, anyway), so if you have them, and have not turned them in yet, please get them sent in soon!

Pencil Tops

If you happen to think of it while you are at the store, we could use some more of the 'pencil top' style of erasers, as our classroom supply has run quite low. 

Thank you all for being such an awesome group of parents! I am SO enjoying your children and feel very privileged to get to spend my days with them, learning and growing, (and watching them learn and grow!)  They are all such great kids!!!


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