September 10


Happy Monday!! 

I hope you all had an excellent weekend.  I went to a conference women's retreat, at our camp, up in McCall - it was beautiful, and fun. But it's good to be back and it was so nice to see all of their smiling faces, this morning!!  

There are several things that you need to be aware of this week. 

#1 - Our first 'school highlight' is this coming Sabbath (Saturday) during the church service.  Students will need to come to the church by 10:30 Saturday morning, and will need to be here for at least an hour.  Of course, parents are welcome to come too, and stay for part, or all of the service  There is also a lovely potluck lunch afterwards, that all are welcome to stay for too.  The students will be singing a song, with Pastor Thom, and doing a quick presentation.  The purpose of this is to help the church know what we have been doing at the school.  Hope you can all be there!!  Our church loves to love on the kids and make them feel appreciated!!  We won't wear the green shirts, this time, as we have yet to get that order placed.  We need do that!! They can just wear 'school clothes' or 'church clothes' (if you have them) Our church is a more casual church, so jeans and a clean shirt are fine, if that is what you have. 

#2 - I'm sure you noticed that the kids came home today with a 'Howdy Slip' (How Was Your Day - HWYD - it's not quite 'howdy' but it's close, so we call it that!) - this is a way for them to be able to show you what they are doing at school each day, so that you can be 'in the loop' since papers won't come home as often, with the system set up the way that I have it set up (papers will come home about every 2-3 weeks -- there may be some coming home as early as tomorrow...  - depends if I have time to pull out the things I want to save back as examples of 'first-of-the-year-work')  This is also a 'behavior feedback method' for them, so that they are not having to wait all week, till they get their brag tags, for behavior feedback.  They need to KEEP TRACK of their Howdy slips, and keep them all together in a safe place, as the slips with "Super Duper" and "All Good" will be the tickets that they will need to take part in some sort of a special something at the end of each month, such as a movie one afternoon, or a special treat of some sort. 

#3 - Remember to be saving (and sending in) the boxtops - kids should have brought home two pages to glue them all on to.  Each student has a goal of filling two pages, each month!  (so far, only one page has been brought in!!)

#4 - Car Wash is coming up - it had to be moved to the 23rd from the 16th, so if you heard that it was on the 16th, please be sure to change it to the 23rd on your calendar.  It will be from 10:00-2:00 - here at the church - encourage all of your friends to come, and get their car washed by our awesome kids!!

#5 - We do have a few students with some 'custody battle' situations going on, in our school.  So please know that I am watching, in the afternoons, and making sure the kids are going with the right person.  We are also careful, during recess, and I try to position myself, between the kids and the parking lot, just to be on the safe side.  This week we will be doing some drills, too, with relation to other 'potential dangerous' situations (even the 'boring-old fire-drill') so that the kids have practiced them, and know right what to do. I'm hoping to 'play this down' as much as possible, but we do have several kids who do tend to 'jump to the worst conclusion' and blow things out of proportion.  I will do my best to temper that as much as possible, and I would encourage you to do the same, at home!

#6 - Note that I have (finally) updated the 'classwork' tab, and you will find spelling lists and other things there, now. I have organized them by subject, rather than by grade level.  With students working above and below their 'grade' in some things, and with the memory verse, and the Science and Social Studies information being the same for the whole class, it just made more sense to me that way.  I hope you find this section of the webpage useful.  I will do my VERY best to keep it updated, each Sunday evening, for the coming week.  Spelling tests will happen on Fridays, so kids need to be reviewing their words at home.  This is an excellent way for the lists to get home, without sending the ever-elusive 'spelling list' home, only for it to be immediately lost!!  (can you tell I have a student living at my house too?) 

#7 - I have 9 of the needed 12 seats accounted for, with drivers, for field trips, if you are able to drive we will need your insurance to be at a certain level, and you will need to do the 'Varified Volunteer' training.  This is the link to that...

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