Monday note for Monday, September 24


A big thank you goes out to all who helped and who came with dirty cars.  We made $400!!  We washed 23 cars.  And we had fun, too!! 


We will be putting together a shirt order, of the bright green shirts, for the students to wear on outings and events.  I will be letting you know the prices per size and we will be taking orders for about two weeks, and then place the order.  Watch for further announcements on this and be sure to move quickly when you see them, we will want to place the order pretty quickly, once we start collecting people's money.

There has also been interest in a possible 'more pleasantly colored' shirt (some have suggested black), that parents might enjoy wearing, too.  We are looking into this, also, and will let you know as soon as we know the prices and the details. Again, watch this space for further announcements.


I will be posting grades this evening, so beginning tomorrow, you can log in to Jupiter (text me if you need to know your password, etc) and view your student's grades.  Please know that the grades that I have entered so far are more of an compilation of what they have done in the various subjects.  There are a few topics where I have taken specific grades from a specific piece of work, but for the most part, the percentages recorded at this point reflect the 'general trend' of your students' ability in the specific subjects.  Moving forward from here we will see more grades tied to specific classwork items.  I wanted to give the students a chance to learn my 'system' and get an understanding of what I expect of them, as a teacher, first, before we started assigning specific grades to specific assignments. 

ITBS testing is under way and will likely be done by Thursday of this week.  The kids are going great with it, but I'm sure they will be glad when it's over!! 

I hope you have a great week!!

Ms. Sharon

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