Please download, complete, save, and submit the following forms as soon as possible.  Submit all completed forms either (printed) in person, or (digital) via e-mail to (this may require more than one e-mail) Please include the student's first and last name in the email subject line. (if you need help with any of this, please contact Sharon Canaday, directly - 256-684-7013 for help) 


NOTE that forms are fill-able online, but you must submit them when you are done filling them out.  Either by, downloading, and printing them, then bringing them to the school, or by attaching them in an e-mail as noted above. 


Also please send/bring a copy of your child's immunization record.

Note that some web-browsers (such as Firefox) may have trouble with the fill-able aspect of things - Google Chrome does work, so if you experience trouble, filling it out electronically, switch to Google Chrome, or try another browser, such as Safari or Explorer/Edge, they may work too.

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