November 18

It's been a few weeks since I posted here. I enjoyed meeting with each of you for your parent teacher conferences, the students are really doing quite well, and those that are struggling have a game plan.  The first quarter of a school year is often the 'testing ground' to figure out where our challenges are, and make plans to address them,  we are all set for an excellent year. And in many cases well on our way already. 


The most important item that needs your attention is the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, this Thursday evening , November 21st, at 6:00.  The students will be playing a piece on the new hand chimes that were purchased for the school.   Due to the small number of students, and the nature of hand chime music, we really need to know that all of the students will attend the dinner.  If  your family is unable to attend, please let me know as soon as possible, via text, and we see what we can to to make arrangement for your child to at least be there if at all possible.  As you consider your attendance, though, please remember that the church people really enjoy getting to know all of you. That is part of the purpose of this dinner, to give us all a chance to enjoy a meal together and share in our love of all of the students.  The food is delicious and the students really enjoy an opportunity to serve you all.  It's always a fun evening, we hope you can all attend.  Students need to arrive a little before 5:30, and the dinner officially starts at 6:00.



Please send your orange orders in this week.  I believe the envelopes say they are due on Tuesday.  We would like to have them all by Wednesday at the very latest, so that we can organize the order and get it turned in to the other school that we partner with for this endeavor, well before vacation starts.

Speaking of vacation,

Here are various calendar items you need to be aware of over the next few weeks:  Thanksgiving break starts this week, after school lets out on Friday (at the usual time, 1:00), we will have no school all week the next week (November 25-29).  We hope that this allows the students, and your family, time to relax together and enjoy holiday spirit, some family time, possibly some travel time, and of course lots of yummy food.  We will see the students back at school on Monday, December 2.  There will be three full weeks of school, between Thanksgiving break, and Christmas break, and the last day of school before Christmas break is December 20.  That break is two weeks long, exactly, and school will resume on January 6th.  We have many fun activities planned for the next few weeks of school, including a 'just for fun' (and some PE time) field trip to an ice skating rink (on the 16th).  We will probably also plan some sort of a Christmas party, too, likely on the 20th (if you want to help with planning, and making that happen, please let me know!).  

Last, but not least, we will be playing a Christmas piece, on the hand chimes for the church service on December 14, and maybe do a Chirstmas-themed Reader's theater piece, so please mark your calendar for that! We will need everyone there, for that too, so that we are not missing any of our notes or parts! Again, if your family can not attend, please make arrangements for your child to at least be there.

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