October 4

Spaghetti Dinner, 5:30, October 27th

Please remember that our fall car wash had to be cancelled, and this event is to make up for it - the dinner will be free, and there will be a silent dessert/craft auction for the fund-raising aspect of the dinner.  Plan to invite friends and neighbors!  This fund-raising pays for things like field trip fees and hot lunch 'extras'.  If you have items to donate for the auction please arrange to get them here ahead of time, so we can prepare bidding sheets for them.  It'll be a lot of fun.  Hope you can join in!

Field Trip

Tomorrow is our field trip to the apple orchard in Emmett.  Please be sure to send your child with warm clothes (hat and gloves, even) and lunches packed in disposable bags would be helpful too (and remember there will not be a way to warm things up for lunch).  We will return in time for our regular dismissal.  School shirt would be nice, but not AS important as the students will likely be wearing jackets a good bit of the day, and we will likely be the only school there. (the bright green of the shirts helps me find them, if we are in a larger group.) 

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