Calendar Notes

- This Friday (November 1) there is no school - it's a teacher prep day, leading in to Parent Teacher Conferences, which will be next week.  Friday spelling tests will take place next Monday morning. (Please visit the PTConf. sign up page at the bottom of the Oct 21 note)

- No school Monday, November 11 - Veteran's Day

- Field trip to the food pantry November 13.  Send canned goods to share, if you can.

- Field trip to "National Center for Birds of Prey' November 15. (This is a Friday, so we will leave first thing in the morning, and return just in time for our typical 1:00 Friday dismissal time.)


- Please note that the $2.00 charge is a 'suggested donation'.  If your family is having a hard time making ends meet, as many families are these days, please let us know.  There are church members who are happy to 'stand in the gap' for you, and help with this expense.  Texting Ms. Sharon or Ms. Bonnie is probably the best way to let us know your needs.  Bonnie's phone number is (303)350-0433.  (most of you have mine, already) Lunches for this next week are paid for.


Please keep those coming, I still need at least 5 kids' immunization records.  If you have not sent them in yet, please do so ASAP.  My report is due to the state by Friday of this week.

Last but DEFINITELY not least -

Hearty thank you's go out to those who took part (on many levels) in the spaghetti feed

fund-raiser!!  We still have a few donations trickling in, but our total is VERY near to $500!!!  Praise the LORD!!!! Our field trip fund is healthy and well!!

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