October 7

Wow! What a week!

On Monday we had a visit from Patrick, (my supervisor) the kids always enjoy that!  Though he didn't get to tell us a story this time, which was sort of sad - maybe next time!

Our Pet Pixie (the hedge hog) has been a bit under the weather, and has had to make several trips to the vet! We are hoping she continues to improve and does not have to have surgery (I *know* - I'm not sure how one operates on a hedge hog either!!)

Our Field trip for this week had to be moved, because I couldn't find help with transportation.  One parent, who could carry 6 kids, was available the following Wednesday, so we moved the Orchard trip to Wednesday the 16th.  We are still open to others coming along, if you are free, just let me know, we would love to have you join in too!

We have added another (small) field trip in, for TOMORROW - we will be taking the students over to the public Junior High school, and attending a concert put on there, by the Rice Brothers.  They are piano virtuosos and apparently quite entertaining, too.  I think the students will really enjoy this.  We will leave the school at about 1:45, and return in time for regular dismissal.

My apologies on the hot lunch situation.  Bonnie Sprowl, who is the main driving force behind the hot lunches this year, is out of town, tending to her mother in Colorado.  Her #1 helper, Debbie, was not feeling well, today, so there was no hot lunch.  Please be sure you are hooked up to the REMIND app, so that you get notifications of changes such a this.  It's also a good idea to keep one or two frozen meals in the freezer, at the school, to cover in a pinch, if you need it.

So, all week last week, I was dragging a bit.  I was thinking it was just the bit of a bug, that was going around, but on Sunday afternoon, I went from 'pretty much fine', to 'in excruciating pain' within about an hour, right around the time I was going to head over to the school and do some lesson plans, and copying.  So instead, we went to the ER. Apparently I had a Kidney stone!  YIKES!  Fortunately it 'took care of it's self' while we were there at the ER!!  I was back home by about 7 in the evening, wiped out tired.  So, yesterday afternoon's prep work just didn't happen.  FORTUNATELY for all of us, IXL was finally up and running, today.  The kids have been looking so forward to that.  They spent the morning getting going on IXL, while I did all the prep work that I *was* going to do on Sunday afternoon! We had a 'normal afternoon' (whatever that is!) and tomorrow should be back into our regular groove. I'm low energy, but doing MUCH better. Hoping that doesn't EVER happen again!!  NOT fun! But just wanted you to know the details, in case your student comes home and says "Ms. Sharon was in the hospital!"   I'm fine.  As the week progresses, I'll feel better and better.  Thankful that it is behind me!!

Also, please remember tuition is due on the first, each month.  Several families have forgotten, this month. Amy really does enjoy having to call and remind! 

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