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Health and PE

While team-sports-type activities can be challenging in a small school like Desert View, it does not mean we can not still learn some sports basics such as following game rules, getting along with others on our team, and always doing our best. 

To accomplish this, we do organized games that help the students learn basic skills like ball handling and various types of exercise.  


Being an Adventist school, we also assume a rather natural focus on health.  Students will learn to manage their own physical health through learning to pay attention to their bodies.  We start each day with a quick walk around our track (just after worship, and rising the flag).  This gives our brains a quick start with fresh air, and extra blood-flow.  We also encourage the students to make careful choices about the food they choose to eat, focusing on fruit and vegetables and limiting sugary choices.  (also, we ask them not to trade/share their lunch items/snacks with one another, so that they can make these choices with you, and benefit from the guidance you provide them at home!)  Drinking water is also a regular part of our day.


Health instruction is often also incorporated into our Language Arts instruction, along with Science and Social studies.  

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