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Parent Resource Page for e-schooling

Please note: This page is in NO way intended to replace what we have been doing, or will continue to do, as a class, on Zoom, via Skype, or on the phone.  We will continue to do those things after Spring Break is over, next week (we are currently on 'soft closure' mandated by the state of Idaho until 'at least April 20').  But, even though it's Spring Break, you are all on my mind!! And there are SO many resources out there, I simply want to get started sharing them with you! This is just the tip of the TIP of the iceburg!!   I will add to this daily, probably multiple times per day.  Eventually, I will try to get them organized by topic or at least color coded.  But for now, explore and enjoy! (if you find some cool website and want to share it with me, send it to me in an e-mail)  ENJOY!! "See" you all on Monday, on Zoom!!

Underlined, orange words are LINKS to the named resource (that means you can click on them, and you will be taken to that resource)   

NEW! 3/26: Lego Challenge - A PDF with 30 days of fun lego challenges

NEW! 3/26:  Scholastic - Too many awesome resources to list them all out here - just go take a look!

NEW! 3/24: Physics Girl - 20 simple, fun science experiments in 5 minutes! (You tube video)

NEW! 3/24: The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities 

NEW! 3/24: Joe Wicks Is The Nation's P.E. Teacher With Free Daily Kids Workouts On You Tube

NEW! 3/24: Why Are There 5,280 Feet in a Mile? (other measurments, too) This is something we were all wondering about a few weeks ago - maybe knowing why, will help us remember the numbers!

Art lessons with Mo Willams (Author of the 'Gerald and Piggy' books and the 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus' series) (subscribe once you get there, and you can watch his daily videos)

Your Story Hour -  Daily stories are being posted here - just click on the play button in their banner

Adventures in Odyssey -  Access to ALL of their archives, with a four-week free trial!!

Kahn Academy  - Basic tutoring in almost any topic you can think of - all FREE!!

Virtual Field Trips  - This one is pretty self-explanatory

Quarantine BingoA fun game to play to keep things lite! (all you need is a printer and a pen)

Typing agent - I'd really like to see the kids increase their ten-finger typing skills during this 'downtime' with some of their extra time that they have available. Log-in information should be on the pink sheet that went home in the flag bags.