Police action tomorrow at public schools

Wednesday evening 10:00pm

Because my own children are enrolled in the public schools I just received a robo-call from the school district superintendent stating that due to credible threat of violence tomorrow at Bennett Mountain School, both that school, and Hacker Middle School would be closed to morrow and increased police presence would be in place at all other schools.  It stated that further information would be made available in the morning. 
I immediately called the police station to see if I could be in touch with someone there who knew anything more about the threat, and could help me ascertain whether our little school needed some extra protection too.  I was told that they (those who answer the phone) had no more information than I did, and that I would have to be in touch with the district office in the morning. 

I am imagining that that will be a difficult thing to do (to get in touch with either police or superintendent of schools) in the morning.

So - here is my plan: 

-I have phoned Byron and asked him to be at the school with me in the morning, just so that it is not the students and I there all by ourselves.  He will stay until we can either procure police presence, or we are assured that the danger has passed. 

-The door will remain locked all morning, tomorrow, and students will need to ring the bell, we will try to have someone watch for them, and let them in quickly, so that they are not standing outside any longer than necessary.

-we will hold recess indoors until we hear from the police that the danger has passed. 

Please communicate with me via text or phone call if you have any other concerns or other ideas of safety measures we should take.

The safety of your children is our number one priority, and we will do our best to get in touch with powers that be, and get details as early as possible in the morning.  I think it might be best to keep the students as uninformed as possible, so that they do not get to fretting about it all.  But of course, that is your call as a parent, too.  Also, please pray, for those involved, both on the law enforcement side and on the side of the threat it's self.  Someone out there is hurting, and wants to hurt others.  Pray for them to find peace!

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