Four things of importance this week. 

#1  Please be aware that next week we will be doing our standardized testing - the Iowa Test of Basic Skills  or ITBS.  Students should get extra rest, and eat careful diets (no sugary breakfasts, please) so that they can do their best on these tests!  We will also have our week of spiritual emphasis, with Pastor Tomm, next week, to help us take brain breaks each day.


We have done an inventory of who has turned in which forms, and you will be receiving an e-mail or text message indicating what forms we still need from you.  I can tell you right now that nearly no-one has gotten their immunization records to me, so at the very least please be prepared to bring/send those in ASAP - watch for the e-mail or text with the remaining items you need.


I will be setting up a 'dash board' (possibly tonight, tomorrow night at the latest) it will be a button in the top left corner, in the orange box there - this will be the spot where you will go to find this week's information - a link to the most recent note home, spelling lists, memory verse, and hot lunch menu (typically for the following week - since notes typically go out on Monday evening) along with a place to mark, whether your child will be taking hot lunch or not. Watch for that to show up soon.


We want to place the shirt order soon.  Several children have asked about sweatshirts, this year.  So we hopefully will be including sweatshirts in the order this year if at all possible.  And possibly a black option, for shirts/sweatshirts, with bright green emblems on them (I'm hoping, I still have to ask!).  I will be posting an order form, likely tomorrow evening, after I have an opportunity to talk with the shirt vendor.  Watch for that, too.  REMEMBER: those who are new students get a free shirt, (or maybe it would be better to say 'know this' as those who it affects were not here last year, to 'remember'!) anyway - simply choose the 'free' option, on the form, for the shirt you want free (a t-shirt or polo shirt - sweatshirts will not be one of the 'free' options).  Then, please send in any payment that is needed as soon as you can, so we can place the order soon.  I would like the students to be able to wear their school shirts on the field trip on October 9!  And I want to encourage them to wear the school shirt to school, on Friday's too. (I'll give Pixie Points for it!)

Call Us: 208-580-0512   /   /  2425 American Legion Blvd  Mountain Home, ID   83647