September 20

The kids were troupers last week, and completed all of the testing in four days (except the kids with extra test - grades 4 and 7)  I was proud of them for working so hard! 

Just a few 'housekeeping' items this week. 

First of all, I am still looking for an extra driver or two (two, really) for the field trip.  If I can not find someone (two someones, really) we may not be able to go!  Please let me know if you can help drive.  The sooner we know, the better, as there is a verification process that must be accomplished - it's not hard, but it must be done, before you can drive. 

Second - you should have received two flyers today - one for SeeSaw, and one for Xtra Math.  These are two apps that we use in the classroom, for which access at home would be really good.  Xtra Math is our math-drill app, if you get the online version, you don't have to pay at all, if you get the phone/ipad version I think it's something like $5.  It's totally up to you, if you want to pay that or not, I am not suggesting you need to, just letting you know that you can.  The other app is SeeSaw - it is a communication tool, for you to see things that are happening in the classroom.  It would be VERY helpful if you would connect here, so that students can share projects and assignments with you, and any other family members that you share your child's info with.  Students can post videos, digital content such as drawing  or writing they have done, photos of projects, and other fun items that they want to share with you.  I am also going to encourage them to take a picture of their 'trackers' on a regular basis, so you can see how they are doing. This will not typically be a means of communication between myself, and parents, more as a means of communication between you and your student.  One student even took a photo of her spelling list today!! What a good idea!!

Third - if you have not sent in the permissions slip, with names and phone numbers of those allowed / not allowed to pick up your child, please do that ASAP, it is listed, under the Documents tab, click on 'Registration start here' and then navigate to the list of forms, at the second step.  It should be one of the last forms there.  

If you have not sent in a copy of your child's immunization record, I need that, ASAP, too, please!

Remember tuition is due, on the first day of the month, if you need to make other arrangements, please do so, so that we know what to expect. 

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